Sunday, November 28, 2010

So this is it.... my first blog post.

So this is it... My first blog post. I feel like Doogie Hoosier.  Well, let me start by saying, despite my 2 college degrees, I can't spell...punctuation is also secondary to my usual rants. Hopefully, we can all muddle through.  Like it says in my profile.  I am a work all the time mother to two wonderful kiddos.  The first being Bit... Captain Energy and the second being Sweet Baby C.  He is the reason for this blog.  Josh and I are hoping in the very near future to adopt him and make him official.  But, for now he is a preadoptive foster child and you will have to deal with NOT seeing pictures of his face to protect his privacy. 

I guess our life got turned upside down, in a good way, on January 19th 2010.  That was the day we got "the call." We were offered a baby and I had about 10 minutes to say yes or no. All we knew was that he was a "healthy," white baby boy.  Now obviously, I said  "yes" and 2 hours later, we had a baby.  A baby with nothing. Not even a bottle! Needless to say, a very large trip to Walmart was in order. Well, he was a white baby boy, but the healthy part...that was a bit of a stretch.  A very far stretch.

Soon after Sweet Baby C was placed in our home, I found myself in and out of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.... looking for answers.  WOW!!! What I found was a "hot mess."