Sunday, June 24, 2012

T- Minus one day and counting...

WOW!! So here we are.... one day before the BIG day.  I bet a lot of you guys wonder what we are doing. After surviving the second appointmentpalooza on Tuesday... YES, there are two of them. We have treated today just like any other presurgery day.  Remember, our child has some pretty significant medical needs.... we go to the hospital and stay for weeks all the time.  This is the first time we are going where Josh is the patient.  So, today has been spent trying to organize this house.  So the wonderful people that have volunteered to take care of the boys while we are gone don't have to live in the chaos of moving. 

Am I scared???? Heck yeah!!  Today as I looked at Josh and asked him what he wanted to for breakfast, I smiled and said, "Oh and can you do me a favor and not die tomorrow??"  I meant it.  I love my husband, I do. But, the fact of the matter is that I couldn't successfully parent my children without him.  These two are some hard kids to raise!  With regard to the risk of the surgery.  Josh does have two arteries going to his kidney.  Most people have one. This does increase the risk of the procedure for Josh. This risk is something that Josh spoken to the doctors about.  It is a risk that he is willing to take. I support him in this decision.   

So for those of you wondering what it is like on the donor front. This is what the last day before transplant is like.  You wake up and can have breakfast.  Following that, you get a clear liquid diet for the entire day until midnight. Much like a Gremlin, you get cut off after midnight.  About an hour ago Josh had to drink a bottle of Mag Citrate.  This is to start the pre surgical "cleansing."  Poor guy.... We are all speculating that none of this is really necessary.  We think that this is just an evil plot by the hospital to see if he really meant it when he said that Maggie could have his kidney! 

On a lighter note... there is a new girl that has Josh's heart.  I mean she has always had it, but now she REALLY, REALLY has it.  Maggie!  Maggie likes to call Josh. She is so funny!!  A few days ago, we all took the kids Bit, Maggie and Hannah (Maggie's Big Sister) to a Child Life appointment. Child Life is a team at Vanderbilt that will explain procedures to children that either they or a sibling are having. It takes the fear out of things. Sorry, totally off the subject. When I walked into the room she looked at me like I was missing something and said, "Where is Josh??"   I explained to her that he was at work, but he would be all hers on Monday!!   I love that she loves him!  I mean, she doesn't have to and Josh would totally still do this, but it is kind of cute!  They talked on the telephone today.  I am pretty sure that they will have a little "date" once they heal up and start to feel better in the hospital.  Don't worry, I will take pictures. 

It is the best thing ever that another girl has his heart. Soon, she will have his kidney!

Friday, June 22, 2012

It takes a village...

Needless to say, our family has gotten a lot of publicity regarding the kidney donation and adopting a special needs child in the last few months.  People tend to react one of two ways. First, they smile and make some type of physical contact with us- a handshake or a hug. Then, they tell us that we have earned our spot/crown/something in heaven.  The other way, is that they wait until our back is turned and say, "No one is really this good."

Here is what I have to say... Because everyone knows, I have an opinion.

For the latter group, I really don't care what you think or say.  Your mind can't be changed and your attitude will always be poor.  You are the minority- thank God.  I pray for you. I pray that you never find yourself in a situation where you need help. I pray that another person never finds theirself in the situation where your help is their only hope. 

For you guys in the first group... this is my answer to you. It takes a village to raise a child.  That isn't just some cute saying that your grandmother cross stitched into a sampler when you were a baby.  It is a true statement.  Yes, Josh is doing something for Maggie that is amazing.  But, there is no way in the world that this would be possible without the LOVE and SUPPORT that he has been shown by everyone! 

Saturday we moved. Saturday, we moved in THREE hours from start to finish.  WHY??? Because we had about 30 people helping us.  I didn't even know a lot of these people. Some that I did know, I had not seen since high school. They weren't there because they really wanted to help us move that weekend.  They were there because they wanted Maggie to have her transplant.  We are thankful for each and every one of those people. Those people are part of Maggie's village.

During the move, we had a family member of Maggie bring lunch to the moving crew.  People have signed up to make meals for our family following the surgery during Josh's recovery.  Thank you!!

By now, it isn't a secret that Josh and I don't really have a lot of contact with our parents.  It is a choice that we have made, based on the type of environment that we want to provide for our children.  But, we have an awesome support system.  Friends and family members have volunteered to do everything for us including walk our dog, water our lawn and caring for our two boys during the time that Josh is in the hospital.  Thank you!!

The point to this entire rant was to explain that I understand that what is happening here is great!!! Maggie is getting the kidney that she desperately needs!  God's hands are all over this and it is an amazing thing to watch from my front row seat.  But, I don't think that many of you realize the part that YOU have played.  Every tshirt, every prayer, every share on Facebook. Everyone of you that lifted, packed, unpacked boxes. Every meal, every text message or word of encouragement.  You are helping!!!!   YOU are AMAZING!!  So, even if you don't see it. I do, we do... God does.  Thank you!

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