Sunday, November 4, 2012

Practice makes perfect :)


When doctors are working they are Practicing Medicine. Medicine is a practice.  Meaning it isn't perfected. It is a fact that diseases and people evolve over time. Because of change, it will probably never be perfected.  I am telling you this because there are times, when doctors will tell a patient or a family things, giving them their best medical advice,  and something strange will happen. The doctor will be wrong.  Sometimes that results in pain and heart break. Sometimes, it results in a person beating all of the odds that were stacked against them, smacking medical advice in the face and saying, "who is your Daddy now?"  Personally, I love it when that happens!! 

Yesterday, we celebrated the Mighty Biscuit's Birthday and his Adoption day. Has has officially been legally our little love muffin for 1 year as of 11/2. On 11/23, he will turn 3. This guy continues to amaze me more and more. Each day, he "cans" another "can't", "wills" another "won't" and does it all while being rediculiously cute!!None of this is without hard work. Blood sweat and tears of a TEAM of people that want NOTHING but the best for this guy!  Of course, Biscuit isn't the only walking, talking, living, breathing miracle out there. Open your eyes and look around. They are abundant.  God ain't no slacker. 

Without further adieu, I present you with a visual proof of miracles in the making.  The baby on the left is my little man. The one on the right, is Dax.  To read about Dax, you need to click here.  I could go on and on about the coolness of Dax, but you need to read it and digest it for yourself.  Besides, his mother is the funniest person I know!!! 

Chase on his Birthday.

Dax on his Birthday

Two boys, whose mommies are STILL told what they wouldn't, shouldn't and can't do climbing a rock wall at a birthday party.
Sometimes, life is amazing!!


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