Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Top 10 Things My Kids Say...

As a Mom, I am pretty sure that I am screwing up my kids about 80% of the time. Someone (I can't remember who) once told me that if you are concerned that you are screwing your children up, you probably aren't, simply because you care enough to be concerned that you are actually NOT being a perfect parent.  But let's face it. NONE of us are perfect parent's. If you THINK you are a perfect parent,  you are wrong.  Lately, Bit and Biscuit have made some little statements that show me that I am not a complete screw up where they are concerned.  I mean, don't get me wrong, they will still have plenty of stuff to talk to their therapists about one day :)
So, here is a top ten list of recent quotes or actions that lead me to believe that I am not as unfit of a mother as I often feel.
10.  Biscuit says The Pledge of Allegiance- He is 3 years old.
9.  They both call either mine or my husband's name when they are scared.  That means they trust us to protect them.   
8.  Bit is often heard telling Biscuit that he he needs to calm down because he isn't breathing well and it isn't good for his airway.
7.  Biscuit sits in timeout and says, "Faith in God. Trust in God. He died for me. Can I get out now?" 
6.  They will both apologize when they feel that they have wronged someone AND they will accept an apology when they are wronged. (Something many adults that I know can't do.)
5.  Biscuit told a crying child at the YMCA childcare, "It be ok. You Mommy and Daddy will come back for you. They may have to leave, but they will always come back."
4. When asked, "Who's baby are you." They always respond. " I am my Momma's Baby."
3.  If you accidentally pull the car out of the garage and they aren't completely buckled, they make you stop the car until they are properly restrained.  Safety First :)
2.  Biscuit is obsessed (maybe a little too much) with sunblock application. He will tell complete strangers, "I am very concerned, you aren't wearing sunblock and you could be burned by the sun."
1.  Today I forgot that that I had promised to do something for Bit. When he reminded me, I turned the car around and told him that I would make good on my promise. He responded with, "Mommy I don't care that you messed up. I just love you." 
So, Maybe I am not as big of a parental screw up as a thought.

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